Malnutrition in Highly Insecure Areas

Challenges in the response and the commitment to decentralized models of care. The cases of Baidoa (Somalia) and Zamfara (Nigeria)

October 2023
Drew Aiken, Senior Medical Advocacy Advisor, and Muhidin Abdi, Senior Humanitarian Affairs Analyst, MSF OCBA Centre for Applied Reflection on Humanitarian Practice (ARHP)

MSF is deeply concerned about the impact of the malnutrition, food insecurity and health crisis we have witnessed in 2022 and 2023 on the populations we serve. MSF programs cover a range of health interventions for vulnerable populations, especially in conflict and violent settings. This includes responses to the nutritional situation, and the scale of food security and malnutrition needs have necessitated a significant scale-up of our activities in the past several years.