People and violence

From the perspective of the people and the dynamics of the context

Crisis in northern Mozambique

Cabo delgado exhausted after 5 years of conflict
October 2022

The displaced families on Maganja beach in Palma district had been waiting for two years to return to Mocimboa de Praia. Since Mocimboa was taken over by a group now calling itself Islamic State in the Province of Mozambique, these families had been living on a strip of beach a few dozen metres wide.

Essays & analysis

Nowhere to go

Challenges faced by sexual violence survivors in accessing services in Bangui, Central African Republic
November 2019

Sexual violence (SV) has garnered a lot of attention at international fora in recent months, with millions of dollars in donor funding pledged towards ending this “epidemic”, particularly in areas of armed conflict. However, survivors of SV in CAR aren’t feeling the impact of this momentum due to services often being absent or dysfunctional.


Central African Republic: Unprotected

February 2019

Summary of internal review on the October 31st events in Batangafo, Central African Republic


Colombia: in the shadow of the peace process

August 2017

The report highlights the impact of violence on the health of populations in the municipalities of Buenaventura and Tumaco, where the medical organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) provides health services to populations who are victims of violence.


Forced to Flee Central America’s Northern Triangle

A Neglected Humanitarian Crisis
May 2017

Approximately 500,000 people from the Northern Triangle of Central America (NTCA) cross into Mexico every year, fleeing violence and poverty. MSF, as a medical humanitarian organization, and through its medical programs, is witness to the reasons that have caused these people to flee from home.


Refugee crisis in Europe: the triple failure

December 2015

Europe had a shocking “rentrée” from the summer holidays this September. As government officials returned to their suits and offices and kids throughout the continent returned to school, the Greek islands had become a highway for people fleeing war. In a matter of days the highway extended through to the Balkans on the tracks of a previously less trodden migration path into the European heartland. In no time thousands of people amassed in Hungary’s borders as this government attempted to halt their advance.


Turning a blind eye

How Europe ignores the consequences of outsourced migration management
November 2015

This report seeks to draw attention to some of the humanitarian and medical consequences that have resulted from the enforcement of past migration cooperation deals. While the intended impact may be to prevent people from reaching Europe, MSF has seen unacceptable unintended impacts, which includes widespread abuse; expulsions of vulnerable groups to the desert; prolonged detention; and the criminalisation of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, undermining existing legal frameworks for their protection.


Aleppo’s Reality: Daily Life under Barrel Bombs

Voices from Eastern Aleppo
March 2015

A Compilation of Testimonies Illustrating the Hardships of Daily Life Caused by Repeated Barrel Bombings and Other Hardships in Eastern Aleppo.